Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skrillex - "Bangarang EP"

   Skrillex follows the collaboration on KoRn’s latest album with his third EP of dubstep material goodness. The seven tracks of “Bangarang EP” have the feel of earlier Crystal Method only with the dubstep drive to it instead of a techno beat.  After winning MTV’s number one Electronic Dance Music artist of the year over big names like David Guetta and Deadmau5 and being nominated for five Grammys, Sonny John Moore shows no signs of stopping his thus far successful solo career.
   Title track “Bangarang” shows off a more glitch sounding side akin to the work done on the previous album “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.”  Its chalk full of electronic high distorted voices, reparative sound clips from Sirah, a mellowed down break and screaming sirens.
   A sure surprise on the album is a collaboration with The Doors on "Breakn' a Sweat.” The song has a slower bear and shows off a new side of Skrillex. No fast tempos found here, just unclouded emotion. While still maintaining a high energy the song is slower and has some pretty smooth layering. “Kyoto” has a hip hop sort of vibe to it that makes it a very club friendly track. Sirah is once again featured in this song and adds in some vocals and raps to the smooth yet insanity that is the piece.
   All in all the EP’s not too bad. It’s something I can listen to every so often and enjoy but not something I can spin nonstop without aggravation. There’s talent here indeed, but at times the over repetitiveness gets in the way and causes more harm than good.  If you like dubstep, you’ll take to “Bangarang EP” like a fish to water. If you’re not I’d advise looking into the album more.

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