Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lacuna Coil - "Dark Adrenaline"

    Italian gothic metalers Lacuna Coil return with their sixth full-length album, “Dark Adrenaline.” The band promised something new and harder then previous releases and has indeed kept to their word. Having been a fan of the band since their 1998 release “In a Reverie,” I always wait with high anticipation for anything the Italian grown band puts out. True to form each album is a new definition of who they are and this is no different. The songs are for the majority harder and more in your face then previous releases. Dual vocalists Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro play off one another extremely well, never missing a beat. There’s great musicianship and some awesome riffs and solos that add an extra boost of octane. 

   This is one of those albums where if I could I would go on about for hours, it’s just that well done. This hour finds me especially favoring “My Spirit;” a darker and slower paced track that’s infused with new sound as well as a taste of their old style found on the album “Unleashed Memories.” Happily I can inform you it includes lyrics in their native tongue. The faster paced “I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow” lyrically gives the listener the impression of a breach of trust. Andi’s chorus sounds fantastic and adds a powerful blow with “I want to say it now, cuz I don’t believe in tomorrow. This storm is raging now, because I lost my faith in you.”
   The beautiful siren that is Cristina explores a new side to how she handles vocals in “Intoxicated.” The verses have her drawing out the lyrics and it really adds a lot of depth to the song.  ‘Soul Inmate” is a well-woven together piece that has plenty of their history as well as their present sound woven into it.
   Having proven that they can take one of the best songs out there and add their spin on it with Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” the band chose to do another cover. They’ve added their unique style to R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion.” Cristina handles the verses like a pro and the emotion in her voice is really something.. Andi covers the chorus and sounds phenomenal. It’s amazing how so many bands can cover this song and leave it dead in the water, but this goes right up there with the original for me.

   Fans of older material the band recorded will find “Dark Adrenaline” a harder form than their previous releases. There are a few songs with some of the rock flavoring, but as a whole it is a metal album. It may very well catch up with their (as well as their label’s) best selling “Comalies” in due time.  Lacuna Coil is back my friends, and harder then ever! Be sure to catch them on the GiganTour with Megadeath early 2

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