Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lamb of God - "Resolution"

   The new wave of heavy metal is back! Band Lamb of God is storms gates and attacks hard with their seventh album “Resolution.” Present are the heavy guitars, hard vocals from the infamous Randy Blythe and unforgiving melodies of their usual work. There are no ballads or any pauses for relieving calm here, just the relentlessness of sound attacking the listener.  If you want in your face, no prisoners taken aggressive heavy metal this is your band.
   Wasting no time on any sort of intro here at all, the album tears its way into the listener’s ears with “Straight for the Sun.” It’s heavy with guitar and primal sounding screams, leading into a low lit vocal growl and a lower grungy beat that would fit well to a funeral march. The track is full of brutality and a touch depressive and easily has elements of a good doom metal song.  “Ghost Walking” Opens with a twangy southern styled guitar sound that would fit well in one of those hillbilly attack movies like Wrong Turn and goes into a full on assault with wicked crunchy guitars and vicious vocal screams. “Cheated” has this main underlying guitar that is infectious and feeds the song with a high energy. It’s one of those songs that’s sure to please an audience live and be accompanied by a mosh pit.  The last track on the album is “King Me.” It opens slowly in guitar and then on a gritty spoken vocal line. Accompanying this is female operatic vocals, all leading up to a full on orchestral attack. It has a balance that I’ve never really found in a Lamb of God song and is for certain my personal favorite.
   This album is anything but stagnant and hits with the force of a raging hurricane.  I’m not a huge fan of the band, as I prefer something with a bit more of a melody to it, but “resolution” is good in its own right. If you were found wanting by their last album “Wrath,” this will more then make up for it!

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