Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ceterum - "Fathom"

   Coming out swinging with their debut album, “Fathom” is Ceterum. These guys have fantastic progressive hard rock sound that to me seems honed. They easily work the fabric of sound with mild to heavy rhythmic guitar progressions, steady and well-placed percussion work and then the outstanding voice of Ty Jividen. The band’s influences from metal veterans Tool can be heard at times, while not taking away from the originality of the band.

   From the opening song “The Architect” a path is carved like water through dirt and rock, turning a plane into a canyon. It’s almost restrained at first, but then blooms into something that lets loose. Jividen’s vocals are harmoniously instep with the music and change up from holding to short breathed notes. “Paramnesia” is progressive and shows off layers of melody and long vocal notes, merging into new beats but at the same time holding its consistency.  The tile track “Fathom” has more of a hard rock beat and less of an experimental beat to it. It maintains the high caliber sound of the band while coming off as something that would do well as a single. It includes some screams that rather than taking away from the song, add to it. “End Transmission” is this hauntingly beautiful musical piece that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It serves as sort of an intro piece to “Aurelia” which is a labyrinth of sound and melody.
      It’s a rare CD that takes several plays just to even comprehend the greatness of it and for certain “Fathom” fits that bill. It’s difficult to single out one song over another because every song is an individual work of art. This is one album that needs to be experienced this year for certain. It’s rare a band captivates the listener with this level of intensity.

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