Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ani DiFranco - “¿Which Side Are You On?”

   Singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco’s first studio album in more than three years “¿Which Side Are You On?” is here.  Known for her music as well as her poetry and feminist activism, Difranco has always been outspoken.  Her contemporary folk style is ever evolving and her career, spanning over twenty years long seems to be unstoppable.  The album takes a snapshot of DiFranco’s experiences as well as captures her clearly stated opinions of where the country stands politically. It leans far to the left, which might make some look the other way
   Title track “¿Which Side Are You On?” has a steady marching beat with horns and vocals lending their support to the political left, as well as the current Occupy Movement. With a line ''come on people of privilege... it's time to join the fight” she’s clearly reaching out and trying to make a statement. "Promiscuity" is a witty wordplay piece that shows her colorful adventures as a folk singer. “J” is well put together with sturdy strumming guitar and loops.  “Hearse” paints imagery with poetry of the happy time progressive life of a couple all the way to death and beyond.
   Chalk full of funky folk and contemporary rock the album is good effort.  However it does perhaps leave something to be desired in comparison to her previous works.  If you get past the over political tones of the album or lean to the far left you’ll have an appreciation for the album. If you dive deep into the right side of the fence then perhaps this isn’t for you.

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