Saturday, August 4, 2012

In This Moment - "Blood"

   In This Moment returns with their fourth full-length offering, titled “Blood.” After hitting the scene especially hard with their debut in 2007 the band has rocked the music world an album at a time; each album a new progression. They began with the primal sounding “Beautiful Tragedy” and evolved into the hard yet almost at times ethereal “The Dream.” The next step (and one of my favorite albums of all time) is 2010’s “A Star-Crossed Wasteland,” an album that had a hard bite and some serious depth to it. It’s no surprise that “Blood” is something different for the band, bringing with it more of a metal groove on most of the tracks then that extra harsh metalcore sound usually associated with most of the band’s work.

   The album creeps in with like a fog swallowing up a carnival at midnight with the short introductory track “Rise With Me.” Maria sounds haunting and will give you goose bumps while leading you into the dark. Following up is the album’s first single “Blood,” one of the hardest song son the album and surely the catchiest.  It has this element of industrial to it and some distortion with the chorus that adds just the right edge.  If you haven’t checked out the music video I suggest you get with the program and check it out!
   “Adrenalize” has to be my personal favorite track on the album. Maria’s ethereal opening line of “come a little bit closer” coaxes the listener into the first verse and keeps you there until the chorus attacks with a fighting beat to it that demands attention.  Next up is “Whore” which is this strange metalcore-popish track that screams radio friendly single.
    “Scarlet” is another stand out track that pleases the ears and containing a mellower flavor. It’s a masterpiece that has this tragic love and hate star-crossed feeling to it.  
“Comanche” is an all on assault with Maria screaming “Come on, get up, let me hear your war cry!” There’s some serious firepower in the song and it hits with the gentleness of a sledgehammer.

  All in all the record is strong and a good testament to In This Moment’s abilities.  They’ve shown that there is no fear of experimentation and progression. “Blood” isn’t another replica of their past albums but something of a hybrid with new flavors to try. The musicianship from founding member and lead guitarist Chris and new members Travis (bass), Tom (drums) and Randy (rhythm guitar) is outstanding and the great quality we’ve come to expect from the band. Do yourselves a favor and go to your local independent record store and pick this album up on August 14th. It’s well worth the money and one hell of a ride!