Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nightwish "Imaginaerum"

   Symphonic Metal stars Nightwish are back on the scene with the intriguing “Imaginaerum.” The album is a concept album, telling the story of an old and dying composer reminiscing of his youth. The heart of Nightwish is still very present with their signature sound of symphonic metal. That said however, the band also journeys into new ground and does so quite fantastically.
   A fine example of this would be “Slow, Love, Slow.” Incorporating a lounge style, the song opens up on a piano and mellow, jazzy percussion. Anette Olzen’s voice glides in adding the perfect vibe to the song. It takes the listener into an old 1930’s club, with a smoky atmosphere, the band playing in suits and the woman in the red dress casting that perfect spell over all who hear her.
   “I Want My Tears Back” is another track that also shows off new elements, adding a Celtic sound into the mix with uilleann pipes. The song is very well arranged and catchy and is sure to be a favorite of fans
   Matching with the new Celtic infused idea is the only ballad on the album, “Turn Loose the Mermaids.” The song opens with beautifully matched acoustic guitar and flute, which flow into beautiful vocal done solely by Anette. There’s also a spaghetti western accompaniment to the song with whistles and orchestra. 
   Many fans jumped ship when original vocalist, the lovely lyric soprano Tarja Turunen parted ways with the band. A change in vocalists is always a make or break for a band, especially one with a history spanning fifteen years long.  If you did now is a perfect time to climb back on board. Anette has stepped up her game and proven herself with her second album with Nightwish. The band has crafted something magical with the new album. “Imaginaerum” is a testament to the progression of songwriter Tuomas Holopainen and the evolution of the band itself.. It will captivate the imagination and make you fall in love with this band for the first time or all over again. 


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