Tuesday, December 13, 2011

KoRn "The Path of Totality"

   KoRn’s one of those bands that defined a generation. Their signature nu metal grooves and aggression are instantly recognizable and contagious. Just when you think they’ve got a signature sound down, they reinvent themselves. With their tenth album of material,
"The Path Of Totality" the band has taken a controversial step into dubstep and electronica.   Enlisting the likes of Skrillex, Kill the Noise and Excision the band has pushed into new ground but at the same time holding strong to their roots.
   The first single “Get Up!” has more then done its job in getting attention. Having held a top ten position on the charts since it debut this summer is a strong testament to the piece. 
Fans of the old school will be especially pleased with a few particular songs. “Bleeding Out” opens with piano then hypes into layered electronica. Also incorporated are the classic bagpipes we’ve come to know and love. “Tension” has a long and spook alley reminiscing opening that feeds into aggressive sounding vocals. A fine element of the past comes with Davis’ infamous beat boxing towards the end of the song.
   Diving further into the depths of the new is “Burn the Obedient;” with help from Noisia the band has caught the edge of dubstep and thrown in some raps and deep aggressive vocals at times and you’ve got what would play well for another example of just how much this album has advanced the sound of the band.
    I have to be honest, when I first heard of them experimenting with a new sound I was thinking another band was going to bite the big one. I was pleasantly surprised! KoRn proves they can still hold tight to their style and try something new as well. The album well proportioned and experimental; all in all a step in a very good direction from a band I’ve been a fan of for two decades!

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