Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nemesea "The Quiet Resistance"

   Another “gothic metal band” from The Netherlands is Nemesea. Setting the dividing line between them and the rest of the sound the same band is a unique blend of alternative/modern rock, trip hop and some electronica elements. With their third release “The Quiet Resistance” they try to cross more genres, this time venturing into a more popish flavored rock. They almost come across as a mix of Evanescence and Paramore. Sometimes the newer style helps out the album and other times it is a hindrance and takes away from the potential of a song.
   Opening the album with a whisper of  "I dug this hole in the backyard, the quiet resistance"is the title track. It builds up with heavy guitar and a little industrial programming, and then just cuts off rather then leading into the next song. “Caught in the Middle” is one of the more metal song s on the album and flows pretty well. There’s a pause in the music which puts a heavy emphasis on Manda Ophuis’ voice really has a chance to show you just how talented she is.
   “Afterlife” follows in next, and as the album’s first single it is pretty decent. There’s a heavy emphasis to the pop alternative/modern rock and from here this trend begins to take hold of the album. “Stay With Me” contains more of the gutsy metal style sound that attracted me to the band.  It reminds just how good they can be when they stick with what they know.
   Honestly, the more you delve deeper into the album the more you find the metal sound has melted away almost entirely; turning the album into something that would make a top 40 hits list perhaps. Nemesea has lost some of the element that drew me in with previous albums, however the new album is sure to attract a new following.

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