Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nickelback "Here and Now"

    Canadian rockers Nickelback return once again, bringing with them their usual method sound of rock with a few ballads. With their seventh release “Here and Now” the band proves one thing; they have a sound and they don’t feel any need to change it much at all. It is always the typical meat and potatoes rock. Their albums always go something like this: rock song about being a bad ass (this album’s version is “This Means War”; rock song about drinking (“Bottoms Up)”; pop rock song about how we all need to embrace everyone (‘When We Stand Together”), song about sex (“Gotta Get Me Some”; ballad (“Lullaby”) and so on and so forth. I’ll be the first to admit it; once upon a time I really liked the band. Then the radio stations discovered them and decided to play their singles into the ground. Since that happened the band decided to just keep on going with more of the same, because hey, it works for radio play right? It feels like the band literally has no progression and every album follows the same method. I think the band has potential somewhere, really I do. But if you’re looking for all new and amazing from Nickelback, don’t look here. “Here and Now” is another carbon copy of the band’s last few CDs using the same methods, lacking originality and doesn’t amount to much of anything at all sadly.

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