Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nightrage "Insidious"

    If Arch Enemy and In Flames got together and had band offspring it would be Nightrage. Bursting out of the gates with their fifth album “Insidious” the band is still going strong. With a collision of heavy, dark riffs with soaring leads mixed with clean and harsh vocals, they’re sure to entertain. This is good, hard metal with a bite, not that overplayed generic trash you find on the mainstream radio.
   The album gets off to an excellent beginning, with the first five songs all being intense and well written. “Hate Turns Black” mixes great lead guitar playing with a memorable chorus while heavy riffs and wicked drums support the song and further drive it away from obscurity. The title track is totally primal with Tomas Lindberg’s vocals just reaching out and attacking the listener’s ears.
   The second half of the album is where things begin to dwindle down a bit and drag. The songs begin to almost fuse together, causing confusion as to when one song starts and when another ends. Don’t get me wrong, I like it but there really needs to be distinction between tracks.
   All in all I really enjoyed the album, “Insidious” is sure to catch the ear of metal heads and delight fans. There are no fluffy bunny alternative radio friendly songs here and the album sounds good and plays hard. It’s a nice change into high gear, which is something I’m down with. Be sure to not only pick up the cd, but to also catch the band on tour with Arsi and Firewind!

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